Reading is always considered as one of the best drugs any human being can ever consume. Reading is necessary for an individual’s personal growth. There is no issue if you read, newspapers or books or magazines or refer to an informational website, the only thing that matter is your reading habit. Reading is also considered as one of the best practice any individual can ever develop. Right from children to successful entrepreneurs everybody should develop the habit of reading books.

In this world full of distractions, to develop a habit of the reading book is a challenging task. It is said, “A book is our best friend.” In the world where we will have many friends and enemies. Even our so-called “best friends” can betray us as the time flies. Books are our never betraying friends just like a good friend. A good book can be your companion during your leisure time. Famous personalities like Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates are highly addictive to reading books. They feel that reading books gives them the strength which helps them in developing their businesses. They have made it as their daily habit to lead towards ultimate success.   

Scientifically, the habit of reading books is the way to improve your mental health significantly, stress levels, sleep quality and positivity. If you are a startup and want to be successful and grow your business, you must learn, focus, reading has covered all this significant area of development and self-growth. If you search for famous books before starting your business, you may come across with an ocean of suggestions. But here in this article, you’ll find some of the famous books you should refer to building your Empire.

Explore the list of best 6 books that every Startup Entrepreneur must cite down in their check-list in 2018:

  1. Zero To One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

‘Zero To One’ is the perfect book written by Peter Thiel who is an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, philanthropist, political activist, and author. This book is a preface of Peter Thiel’s point of view and game plan for making your startup idea successful by the lessons he learned from setting up and selling PayPal, investing in Facebook and became a billionaire.

  1. The Lean Startup

‘The Lean Startup’ is well written by Eric Ries who is famous American entrepreneurs, blogger, and author. This book encourages companies which are not only capital efficient but also which breaks the human creativity easily. Instead of wasting time in creating and elaborating business plans, this book offers entrepreneurs: a continues way to test their vision, to adapt and adjust before it’s too late and lot more.

  1. The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right

Atul Gawande writes ‘The Checklist Manifesto’. Atul Gawande is an American surgeon, public health researcher, and writer. This book is all about the importance of using the checklist in your business and medical world. Gawande, a contributor writer of The New Yorker, examined how lists could be used for higher productivity, continuity, and safety. According to the writer, he was inspired to write this book after reading a story about a young girl who made her way clear after falling into a frozen pond and recognizing the physician who saved her depending a lot on the checklist.

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  1. Be Obsessed or Be Average

‘Be Obsessed or Be Average’ is nicely written book written by Grant Cardone who is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, sales trainer, consultant and public speaker. This book emphasis on how “being obsessed” is one of the best equipment ones has to leverage to come out from living an ordinary and average life to the life he is dreaming of. This book takes its reader on a journey, which starts with Grant Cardone’s personal experience of being obsessed. Later, it proceeds to make the reader to the way which will help them to discover what it is that you are passionate about and then continue on it.

  1. The Hard Thing About Hard Things

‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things’ is written by Ben Horowitz who is an American businessman, investor, blogger, and author. This is a kind of book everybody will love to read in a single breath. The book is all about Ben Horowitz life story. The book is the collection of stories and hurdles Ben Horowitz had faced becoming the CEO of LoudCloud. The book also contains life lessons of how to come out of the struggle without actually giving up or quitting. It also helps you to decide to screw things up.

  1. The $100 StartUp

‘The $100 Startup’ is a well-written book by Chris Guillebeau who is an American author, blogger, and speaker. This book contains plenty of inspirational stories of famous entrepreneurs who have successfully explored their way to turn their passion into a profession. Also, the book also aims to small businesses and motivates big ones to think out of the box and encourages to push beyond their limits.

At last, reading books will not only help you to be successful but also will provide you the knowledge about future steps you should take to run your business smoothly. The key to success is to learn and experience from those mistakes. Learn and try again, you might fail today, but one day you’ll succeed. The success of any business depends on the patience that its founder holds to achieve the success.