The global tourism industry touched the $7.6 trillion mark in 2016. Airbnb recently raised $1 billion at a valuation of $31 billion. What do these numbers suggest?

The answer is right in front of your eyes – the tourism industry is flourishing. More and more millennials are spending money and taking recreational vacations and amassing new experiences. All of this adds up to say that this is the ideal time to enter the travel and accommodation niche. The question remains, how?

If you have ever thought of entering this business, this is the right time to get started. The market is ready and so are the consumers, all you need to do is figure out the kind of services you are willing to provide. And the most prominent option here can be an Airbnb based model.

Now, you do not have to go out and develop a web portal like Airbnb as most of the entrepreneurs get stuck with the initial stages of web development. Hiring a team of developers, designers and coders who will do all the things for you but burn a hole in your pocket. The UI and UX are to be customized, but would you still want to spend your resources in coding if the entire technical code is already available?

This is where the Airbnb script, also referred as the Airbnb Clone comes into picture. The Airbnb clone script is the exact set of codes used to create Airbnb. So, you can get the exact functionality of Airbnb without spending a bombshell on the codes. Here are the exact reasons, why you should be using the Airbnb script:

1. You can focus on building the business, instead of focusing on building the website/app

The website or the app, whichever one is used, is an essential part of the business. But it is not the business. Apart from the website and the app, you will need a set of vendors and registrations for bed & breakfast places to get the operations rolling. On the other hand, your website/app can be developed on the Airbnb script with customized UI/UX created by an expert you hire.

2. You can save on resources

You might wonder how will the code work with live data, when the business starts flourishing. You have options to take care of that as well. You can choose to buy residential property management software or vacation rental software to help you through. Vacation rental software will help your system handle live data and provide necessary info to the user, when required. Although there are tons of vacation rental software available, you can simply cut down on costs by using a vacation rental script. Similar to the Airbnb script, you can get a vacation rental script that will help your website handle all the live data.

3. You can customize the script to your needs

Since the code is already there, you have access to all the functionalities of the original platform. But, you may not need all the functionalities in the initial stages, or you might want to add a few more. You can do that as well, when using a PHP vacation rental script. Your agency partners working on the UI and UX can provide with necessary options based on the very PHP travel portal you are willing to create.

4. You can save time on the gestation period

Website development can be a big headache. There are many people involved along with great amount of resource requirement. When you use a PHP vacation rental script like the Airbnb script, you can jump over the headaches of building the website like user behavior research, functionality testing, bug fixing and so on. Instead, you use this period to get recognition in the market based on your flawless operations and can start generating leads. This will immediately bring down your gestation period, and you will be running into profits faster than the industry standards.

When looking for an expert who is providing you with the Airbnb script, ensure that they can also give you stellar UI/UX design services. This is integral to the development of your website because the smooth functioning of the PHP travel portal will depend upon how the UI/US has been integrated with the Airbnb script, and yet manage to differentiate the look and feel of the portal.