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Gmail has got new fresh look

Everyone’s Favourite Gmail Has Got Fresh New Look!!

In this modern technological world, though there are various methods of communication, the email communication will never eradicate. Google, Yahoo, Outlook are some of the famous website or platforms providing the email facility. As the technology in upgrading, the way people used to communicate using the email before is not the same now. Nowadays, email is considered as the formal way of communication. In the business organization, most of the communication is done using email. It is said that to…

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World Water Day

World Water Day – Let’s Conserve Water For The Survival Of Human Race

Every day we are hearing and reading about the slogans and ads on TVs and radios like “Save Water, Save Earth”. However, a question arises, how many of us are implementing in our day to day lives. Though the Earth is covered with 71% of water, there are people on Earth itself who are lacking and facing the shortage of water. Same like food and air, water is also the essential element without which human cannot survive. If you Google…

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