How Do Service Marketplaces Like Thumbtack and TaskRabbit Work?

Service marketplaces initiate, facilitate, and conclude buying and selling of services between service providers and customers. Service marketplaces cater to a particular niche. For example, marketplaces like Thumbtack and TaskRabbit help customers get professional service workforce. They enable you to hire a person to do home chores for you. They help in matching clients needs with high-quality, independent professionals according to their pricing and availability. The sheer popularity of these service marketplace websites has created great enthusiasm among entrepreneurs to…

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Beginner's Guide - Online Marketplace

A Beginner’s Guide for Startup to Kick-start an Online Marketplace

Are you wondering how to create an online marketplace? This post highlights the most important steps you must take in order to build a successful online marketplace. What is an Online Marketplace? In an online marketplace, buyers and sellers do transactions through a centralized platform. These kind of markets have two distinct user groups that rely on one another for goods and services. The process of developing such marketplaces is generally tedious and difficult to maintain. The first and the foremost…

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