Everything you need to know about making a sticky menu – code vs. plugin

What are sticky elements? Sticky elements are slowly but surely becoming one of the most prominent ideas in designers’ brainstorming sessions. These elements are designed to stay(stick) in one place on the page, even though the users are scrolling down. You have a variety of options on what you want to stick to your page, whether that be a wp sticky header, sticky menu, sticky navigation, or sticky widget. Sticky elements can make your Ad box stay the whole time…

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web design trends

A look at the dominating web design trends that will make 2021 a game changer

While the Covid19 pandemic has made us experience the most turbulent year of our lives in 2020, at the same time, it has given a tremendous push in immersing everyone more deeply into the virtual world. Massive digital push to follow governments’ health advisories that stipulated strict physical distancing norms and minimizing physical interactions when conducting businesses became imperative to maintain business continuity. As millions adapted to remote working, online services, and video conferencing, it fueled incredible digital developments that…

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Which Approach to Choose in Mobile App Development: Native, Cross-Platform or Hybrid

The usage of smartphones is increasing day by day. With that, the popularity of mobile apps is growing too for shopping, playing games, engaging on social networking sites, accessing news, etc. When a business is getting into mobile app development, it has to decide which approach to choose – whether native app development, hybrid app development, or cross-platform app development. Each of them is different built using different technologies. Before selecting any of the approaches, you have to ask certain…

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Understanding the business models of video sharing websites

Videos are the latest trend in the market and an effective way to engage traffic and drive audience. From food recipes to stand-up comedies, videos provide full entertainment to people. With the advancement of technology, plain text has replaced videos to promote a brand and get a competitive edge. Brands are using them effectively to build personal relationships with consumers. Looking at the widespread popularity of videos, there are many entrepreneurs considering starting a video sharing website similar to YouTube,…

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