Coronavirus diseases – 19 (Covid -19) were first discovered in Wuhan, China, in late 2019. This infection was caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-Cov 2). The whole world has got the surprise of this dangerous virus, and within no time, it has spread across the globe. 

A coronavirus is a large group of viruses that can cause illness in the human and animals both. It may have emerged from an animal and now has spread from person to person. It may cause a cough, runny nose, and if the situation is more worse than it can cause serious ailments.

How does Covid-19 spread?

The coronavirus is spreading across the world rapidly. Every day new cases are coming out from various places in the country. Air is the primary medium from where the Covid-19 is spreading from person to person. Coughing or sneezing, close personal contact, frequently touching the nose, mouth, are the main reasons for spreading the coronavirus. 

When an infected person coughs or sneezes, it produces the respiratory droplets, which will spread to other people, and the cycle continues. These droplets can land into the mouths or nose if the people are nearby and then inhaled into the body.

There is a possibility that Covid-19 may spread when a person touches the surface contaminated virus on it. Then an infected person may touch another person, then someone else may survive, and the chain goes on. It’s highly recommended to keep the surface of your house and offices clean every time.

Prevention of Covid-19

Currently, there is no such vaccine available to alleviate the effect of the coronavirus. Lots of research is going on in every country to discover antiviral medicine for this highly spreaded disease. Many doctors and expert laboratorian are working continuously to find an effective solution that saves thousands of lives. Platforms, like the thumbtack clone, Homeflock and healthdirect could assist you in finding the expert doctors who can give some tips to curb the virus from entering your body. The government has recommended people self-quarantine at home to stop these diseases from spreading more. It’s the only possible solution that can be followed by the people until and unless we find any particular medicine to curb spreading the Covid-19. Let’s see some of the precautions that we need to take care:

  • Clean your hands

Wash your hands with soap and water for around 20 seconds to specifically when you visit a public place, after close contact with people, coughing, and sneezing. Use proper sanitizer regularly after washing the hand, before and after touching someone. Book an appointment with a doctor from a service marketplace script and take the required advice. 

  • Avoid close contact

It’s indispensable to restrict close contact with any person at this crucial time. You can break the cycle of spreading the coronavirus to other people that can make a huge impact in society. Keep the 3-4 feet distance while talking with the people, it saves you from affecting the coronavirus. In this case, useful tips from the experts who have available in the thumbtack clone can make a huge impact.

  • Wear facemask

In this crucial time, it’s essential to wear a facemask, whether you’re sick or not. Cover your coughs or sneezes from the facemask. It prevents others from affecting this dangerous virus. 

  • Visit doctor

If you find any illness in the body, then it’s highly recommended to consult the doctor or book a home visit from the thumbtack clone. You can’t avoid concerning a doctor in case of any sickness in the body because it can affect other people instantly. During this time, if you develop a website from a thumbtack clone script, that would be a great help for the people to locate the doctor and special medical team.

How has the situation changed?

The coronavirus was identified last year in China, and then it spread all over the world. Many people have witnessed these diseases, and then quickly, a number of cases of Covid-19 have come into existence. Without having any proper knowledge and information of coronavirus, many expert doctors remained clueless to prevent it. Before deciding the precautions and various approaches to curb it, the situation has become worse and out of control. 

Country-wise data shows how the situation becomes severe and harmful to society. Every country is taking the necessary steps at their level and trying to control the situation as soon as possible. The most essential factor that needs to be considered by the nation is to empower the people with the correct and updated information. Otherwise, during the critical condition, people may come into the influence of the myths that make the situation even worse. 

How has the situation changed?

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The above graph shows how coronavirus has increased drastically from the last couple of months. Look at the graph of the January month, there were fewer cases of the Covid-19 however, from then onwards, the world has seen a remarkable upsurge. There are many cases that have been converted into deaths. That’s where every country is concerned, specifically, China, which is the origin of the virus has higher death rates. 

The situation outside China

The situation outside China

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As China is the origin of the coronavirus, it definitely has maximum victims of the viruses. Apart from that, people from other nations have witnessed this dangerous virus. That’s where everyone is concerned about how to control the situation. Look at the graph, and it clearly illustrates how the coronavirus has spread across the globe from the last couple of months. Still, it’s increasing rapidly, and that’s the point to concern. 

Moreover, in order to control the situation, the US president declared a national emergency last week to handle the growing outbreak of coronavirus. Due to many confirmed cases and deaths because of Covid-19, they took this step. The US has accredited billions of dollars in federal funds to help the people affected by the coronavirus. Many international conferences and meetings have been canceled, sports events are postponed for uncertain dates, offices are closed for a few days, and many other pre-planned activities are canceled or postponed.

Additionally, in India, there are very few infection cases relative to the population country has. However, in order to prevent the situation, strict steps are taken by the government of India. Taking quick action, they have restricted the traveling by suspending the visas of virus affected countries. All the passengers entering in India are undergoing the special screening to verify that the person has suspected the diseases or not. If yes, the health ministry will keep them under special treatment and try to alleviate the diseases. These strategies protect India from entering the coronavirus and create a disastrous situation. Action taken by India is also appreciated by the World Health Organization(WHO) and called impressive work done by the government.