There is no doubt in the fact that if you want to reach to the millions of audience in very less time, an audio-visual format is a perfect way to do the same. The audio-visual form is also useful to recall any content easily. If anybody makes a video on any particular topic, it will be readily graspable by any individual instead of reading a long paragraph. Noting this trend in mind since last decade Video Sharing websites has set its benchmark over the internet and is raising its bar on a daily basis. Another reason behind the massive trend of Video Streaming website is they have a user-friendly dashboard which gives its user a seamless user experience to watch ‘N’ number of video on it. YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix are some of the examples of Video Sharing website where a user can view unlimited videos, create or subscribe favorite video channels, create their playlist, upload unlimited video, etc.

Increasing  Trend for Video Streaming Platforms

Noticing the increasing trends for Video Streaming platforms, startup and first-time entrepreneurs are trying hard to step ahead in Video Streaming business. But to develop a Video Sharing website like YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, etc. is not an easy task as it looks. You will require a lot of time, money and energy which every business organization and startup cannot afford to develop Video Sharing website like Youtube.

So for them, YouTube Clone Script plays a vital role to develop Video Streaming websites like YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube Clone script consist all the same features that any Video Sharing website has. If any startup or business organization is planning to start their own Video Streaming website like YouTube, they can think about YouTube Clone script.

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YouTube Clone Script – VeuTubes By MintTM

By choosing YouTube Clone script to develop your own Video Streaming website, it will save a load of time money and energy. YouTube Clone script lets you provide your users to stream, watch and upload unlimited videos, comment and share their favorite videos on social media, create their video sharing channel, follow etc. The best part of YouTube Clone script is that it has Inbuild JW Player – a third party video plugin, that supports smooth and fast video streaming and playing.

Let’s explore Five crucial reasons behind YouTube-like website being so popular since last decade.

  1. Simple and Customised Design:

    The first reason behind YouTube-like websites being so prevalent in Video Streaming business is their simple and user-friendly design. Most of the startup make this mistake, they try to design their Video Sharing website so creatively that sometimes they mess up the whole design of their website. The first and the foremost reason behind a storm of traffic on YouTube and Vimeo is their user-friendly design, and it is easy to navigate for an average user. YouTube Clone script is flexible enough to handle any customization to develop your Video Streaming websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

  2. Social Media Integration:

    The second most reason behind YouTube being so popular is, it has a predefined option of login in with various Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. To gain colossal traffic and to reach to millions of users at the same time, Social Networking websites play an essential role in the same. YouTube Clone script comes loaded with this feature which allows its user to login and shares their uploaded as well as their favorite videos on Social Networking website.

  3. Allows Unlimited Video Upload and Handles Traffic Easily:

    YouTube and Vimeo are build using powerful technologies like Php, MySql, HTML5, CSS, with which it can handle a load of traffic and allows its user to upload unlimited videos on it. YouTube Clone script is also develop using these powerful technologies which are capable enough to handle traffic and unlimited video upload at the same time.

  4. Secured Payment Option:

    Some of the Video Streaming websites like Vimeo, Netflix offers paid membership plans, with which user has to pay a specific amount of money at a particular period. YouTube Clone script comes with predefined PayPal as its payment gateway. PayPal gives its user a seamless user-experience to make a transaction on any platform.

  5. Powerful Admin Panel:

    Admin of the YouTube and Vimeo websites has powerful admin panel which helps him to monitor every minute movement happening on the site. Admin can manage following areas on your Video Sharing website:

    • Channel management
    • Video management
    • Video category management
    • User management. Etc.

If you want your Video Streaming website to be as successful as YouTube and Vimeo, you should consider points as mentioned above and make your Video Sharing business a huge success.

If you are a startup or a business organization and planning to start your own Video Streaming website, you can opt to YouTube Clone script, which will eliminate the stress of developing a Video Sharing Script like YouTube from scratch. If you want to build a customized Video Streaming website, you can contact us at We will assist you with all the help you will need to develop a Video Sharing websites like YouTube and Vimeo.