Every second a new creative ideas get surfaced in this digital world and that is the reason of huge increase of websites over various domains. Additionally, with heavy competition, some may not be dynamic enough to prove their existence. Some of these site owners might be interested in selling their sites, domains or apps as well, for which they choose to go on websites marketplace, where they can easily list their website and get connected with buyers. Today, Flippa has proved to be one of the best platforms for that. However, there is an immense demand for Flippa like websites for the potential sellers.

Looking forward to this demand, we at MintTM have laid great efforts in building a  Build2Flip – A Flippa Clone, that meets all your website marketplace needs and empowers you to build a connecting platform between the buyer and the seller similar to Flippa. 

Feature Enriched Website Marketplace Script 

Our exquisite Flippa Clone Script helps you to build up your own websites, domain and apps marketplace in no time and hassle-free. You can have same features like Flippa and if you want then you can also customize it.

While developing Flippa Clone PHP Script, we have taken care of all prospects henceforth we have used the latest technologies like PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, etc. Now, you have a ready-made platform to build your website, domain & app marketplace resembling Flippa.

If you don’t want to spend more by starting your site from scratch and wish to save your valuable time then Build2Flip is an easy option for you.

Take a quick glance at some excellent features dragged in our website marketplace script that will let you kick start your website auction business:

  • SQL Injection Proof Coding Structure
  • Fully Customizable Script
  • SEO Friendly Script
  • Website Categories Management
  • Listing and Listing Request Management
  • Set a Reserve Price
  • Ownership Verification
  • Preferred Winner Selection Facility
  • Contact Number Verification
  • Save Searches
  • Place a Bid
  • Make an Offer

The list doesn’t end here, click here to check-out complete features for Admin, the seller and the buyer. All the basic requirements are introduced in our Flippa Clone Script to kick-start your business of websites, domains & apps marketplace.

Implementation of successful Business Model of Buying & Selling Marketplace

Build2Flip conceives most successful business model from Flippa that allows any registered user to use this marketplace as a seller and a buyer. Now, these users are allowed to list their domain, site and applications for sell and at the same time, any interested user can bid to buy it.

You being the owner of the website, can manage the communication between buyer and seller. For easy and secure monetary transaction, our Flippa Clone is backed with a featured escrow management system where monetary transaction handled by you. This assures smooth communication between buyer and seller and you will receive a per-decided commission on this deal.

Build2Flip helps lets your business create a brand in websites, domains & apps auction industry and generate handsome revenue from it.

We strive for excellence and you can experience it by being part of us. If you decide to be part of us then we would be more than happy to serve you with one-year free support from us. You can drop us a line at sales@minttm.com to get free quotes for Flippa Clone Script.