While the Covid19 pandemic has made us experience the most turbulent year of our lives in 2020, at the same time, it has given a tremendous push in immersing everyone more deeply into the virtual world. Massive digital push to follow governments’ health advisories that stipulated strict physical distancing norms and minimizing physical interactions when conducting businesses became imperative to maintain business continuity. As millions adapted to remote working, online services, and video conferencing, it fueled incredible digital developments that were unthinkable during the pre-Covid19 days. The year gone by witnessed some of the biggest cultural shifts of the modern era.

The digital design industry had become a trendsetter in many ways when we were busy fighting the pandemic. Web developers related to Egypt web design and elsewhere witnessed massive changes in creating websites, apps, and other digital products.   The changes went beyond the way we browse the shop and communicate but even the way we take care of our wellness and mental health and how we interact with one another in an increasingly uncertain world.

We will discuss some web design trends that are likely to emerge in 2021.

Life moves over to the screen

As the disruptions in our lives have almost eliminated the scope of physical interactions in every sphere, the digital community has grabbed the opportunity of creating immersive, stimulating experiences that are as lively as real life. Web designers create robust platforms that blur the boundaries between real and virtual by providing practical experiences that simulate real lives most authentically. The virtual presentations enriched with superior visual effects give a feeling like attending a lecture or concert that is rich and spatial. The high point of the transformation is evident in the catwalk shows like Prada’s Spring Summer 2021 without a live audience.

As predicted by some eminent web design experts, web design will experience more quirkiness and personality that leads to more immersive experiences. Websites are on the way to creating immersive digital worlds that display unique points of view.

Will see more personalized UI

The trend has been blossoming over the years, and personalized UI will be a regular feature, with chances of the trend exploding in the current year. Designers are going to create adaptable and modular assets and interfaces by considering different types of users and how they could benefit from them. Users are now able to create a personalized user interface (UI).

Each one of us will experience more unique interfaces that reflect our styles, tastes, and identities. It is a wonderful development as customized interfaces will evolve into a more inclusive design. Users would now be in command as they will make changes to the interface to suit their varying needs. Users can now choose anything from the high-contrast palette to enlarged typefaces for better legibility.

Another trend that is on the rise is dark-colored themes, especially with applications. Dark themes are much better for our vision by reducing blue light exposure.

Activism through design

Cultural change has swept across the design world that led to a creative boom among designers who have embraced the trend to take forward the causes they believe in. They have been inspired in creating everything from campaigns calling for environmental, racial, and political justice and even creating protest graphics.  The design has now become a tool for educating, empowering, and raising awareness about these matters.

Designers derive inspiration from the trend to create bespoke design assets that covey a radical and powerful message. There is going to be a spurt in custom made illustrations, typefaces, and icon sets. For a long, designers have believed in the enormous power of design to change the world, and the trend will grow faster than expected in the coming year.

Prioritizing mental health and healthcare in design

Never before have we been reminded so much emphatically about the importance of healthcare and the need for prioritizing, as it happened in 2020 during the Covid19 pandemic. The unprecedented health crisis thrown upon humanity has created a state of emergency in mental health. The issues are being well taken care of by designers as they come forward to address these issues with a focus on emotional wellness and prioritizing healthcare.

Visuals that looked much clinical are now a passé as more funny, soft, and happy visuals are fast replacing it. Designers are sending out friendly, positive messages using energetic and vibrant color palettes and illustrations, fostering a feeling of wellbeing and optimism.

The use of colors in web design is especially noticeable, highlighting the current trend about expressions of concern about healthcare and better living. For example, a healthcare company’s website that offers vitamins to strengthen the immune system for reducing the incidences of people falling sick uses a neon-orange color that makes health simple, which coincides with its business mission.

Designs emit hope

Expressing optimism through design has held the center stage throughout the pandemic as it becomes evident across digital and design platforms.  Throughout 2021, hope will be prevalent in designs that will empower people to move towards better health and wellbeing. It will pave the way for a more stable and healthier society, which will become a source of confidence and inspiration in what is going to come.  Open landscapes, visuals of blue skies, and other optimistic and natural elements will dominate the designs that talk about hope and opportunity.

Leaving behind the pandemic monotony, designers will liven up our lives with vivid colors, bright or soft pastel hues. It will provide inspiration and encouragement to move towards a brighter future and attract people to do business. Another aspect of designs that will hold designers together is the increased use of dreamy mesh gradients that adds some fun elements along with the help of playful typography.

Designers have realized that the world needs more playfulness, more fun, and a touch of humor, together with some interesting points that rule over the pangs of the pandemic.