As technology is growing exponentially, the trend of an eCommerce website, freelancing website, classified website, etc. has been flourishing like never before. People share various things on social networking websites like Facebook, Linkedin etc. Moreover, a common person has now chosen to shop online from the websites like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc rather than standing in a long queue in the physical market.

In addition to the easy availability of smartphones in the palm, children, adults, as well as old aged people cultivate their interest towards music and video through various video and audio streaming websites such as Spotify, YouTube and many more. To help business, organizations, entrepreneurs cope up with these latest trends in the market, MintTM has introduced below mentioned clone platforms for manifold business verticals to uphold novice entrepreneurial ideas to let their feet wet in any of these industries and to make huge bucks from the same. Designed with the motive to back startup ideas, these website clones are ready-to-go platforms that need only to be customized a bit and deployed. They save you from undergoing an extreme heavy process of identifying market trends, scenarios,  website designers and developers and an immense waste of man-hours.

Primed Clones Released By MintTM for Several Business Verticals:

1. Amazon Clone:

In this fastest growing world, people like to shop with cheap deals and better prices, the variety of products and services, with fewer expenses, easy comparison of prices and features of various products, and shop in a few minutes rather than waiting for hours in the market. Considering this latest trends running in the market, MintTM has taken a plunge with Amazon Clone – A remarkable multi-vendor eCommerce script that is boon for the entrepreneurs who want to kick-start their own eCommerce business similar to Amazon.

amazon clone

Amazon Clone fabricated by the professional team of MintTM entails all no-frill features for admin, sellers, and buyers. These features include:

  • multiple social media logins
  • easy product listing,
  • advanced search and filter options,
  • easy maintenance of favorite product listing,
  • easy purchase of limitless products as per the buyers’ convenience,
  • smooth sharing of various products on social media, etc.

Moreover, all the key-role players have their own user-friendly admin panel and dashboards that enable them to perform various tasks flawlessly.

2. Alibaba Clone

As the flourishing technologies have paved the way for the B2B business models to do business with one another, the scope and importance of B2B marketplace platform are increasing every now and then. Subsequently, novice entrepreneurs are looking forward to kick-starting their B2B marketplace rather than the others. Paying attention towards this, MintTM has simplified their way with the Alibaba Clone – A power-packed B2B marketplace script that let them get the ball rolling on their own B2B marketplace website similar to Alibaba without any delay.

alibaba clone

Alibaba Clone developed by the professionals at MintTM includes all no-frill lineaments required for the successful B2B marketplace website. These features include:

  • Easy product listing
  • Advanced search and filter options
  • Seamless buying and selling facilities
  • Seamless management of limitless products
  • Easy subscription to membership plans
  • Easy reporting of inappropriate suppliers or products to admin, and many more.

3. Upwork Clone

Freelancing has been becoming an integral part of a human life since last several years due to its lineaments like freedom and flexibility that no other. Freelancers can opt for the jobs as per their skills and their convenience of time. On the other hand, people who want to get their jobs done can hire the highly skilled freelancers by just searching in the freelancing websites with advanced search and filter options rendered by the particular freelancing platform. Thereby, the demand for freelance marketplace websites upswings the day after another. Considering this circumstance in the market, MintTM has taken its step forward by building an awe-inspiring Upwork Clone – A freelance script that enables startups to come out with the feature-rich freelance websites similar to Upwork like no one else.
upwork clone

Moreover, this power-packed Upwork Clone script consists of manifold features like:

  • easy listing of limitless projects and services,
  • multiple revenue models attached to make huge bucks,
  • advanced search and filter options to search various jobs,
  • multiple social logins,
  • easy creation of milestones and much more.

4. OLX Clone:

Advertisements play the foremost role for every business organization to fabricate a distinctive branding-image and flourish the brand-awareness among the crowd of the prospective as well as final customers. Basically, there are two advertising platforms i.e. traditional advertising platform and digital advertising platform where business can acquire some media space to put various advertisements of their products and services. As traditional advertising platforms have many downsides in comparison with the digital one, people are moving towards the various digital media platforms such as OLX, Craigslist, etc. that lets various businesses design and publish their classified ads in less time and at a cheaper rates than the traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, etc.

Ultimately the demand of digital platforms has been flourishing since last several years. To cope up with the current requisites in the advertising market, MintTM has come out with the feature-rich OLX Clone that lets you set up your own classified business similar to OLX.

olx clone

This power-packed OLX Clone empowers you to render various classified service such as:

  • Post unlimited ads
  • Search manifold ads with advanced search and filter options
  • Mark ads as featured, urgent, or spotlight
  • Set minimum offer amount
  • Share various ads on social media easily
  • Management of featured, urgent, and spotlight pricing
  • Export various details with CSV and XLS format, etc.

5. Spotify Clone:

Music has the ability to fuel our mind as well as the creativity. In this fastest growing life, people are moving towards the music to refresh their mind and to feel the real calmness that can’t be felt anywhere else. Due to the flourishing mobile technology, more and more people are surrounded by music irrespective of their age. Considering the augmenting demand of video and audio streaming platform in the market, MintTM has introduced a remarkable Spotify Clone – A superior audio streaming script. This mind-blowing Spotify Clone script lets you fabricate your own music streaming website similar to Spotify, Pandora, etc at a flank speed.

spotify clone

Moreover, Spotify Clone built by the professional team of MintTM entails every no-frill peculiarities such as:

  • Inbuilt sound manager-2
  • Easy playlist management
  • Seamless downloading of unlimited tracks
  • Advanced search and filter options, and many more.

Exclusive Features Implanted In All The Clones

As shown above, MintTM has unveils power-packed clones for various business verticals such as freelancing, audio and video streaming, eCommerce, classified, etc. All the clones have been fabricated in a way that entails enriched set of features such as highly managed admin panel, error-free code, SEO friendly URLs, user-friendly dashboards, 100% customizable script, and much more.
Don’t hesitate to write your custom requirements to our team of professionals. We will be more than happy to assist you to set up your business in any of the industries mentioned above with the feature-rich clones like no one else. For more information on each clone, drop us a line at Our team of business executives will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss more on your dream website.