An unannounced pandemic paused human race all through the globe. Organizations stopped working for many days until it became inevitable that the pandemic is here to stay. The organizations tend to shift function from office to work from home. Web based applications assisted in functioning such remote setup of the organizations. Technological advancements such as HR software assisted as a support system to facilitate such setup. The features ingrained in the software allowed the teams to plan the projects and assign tasks to the employees. It allowed the team leaders to keep a track on the employees progress and the growth of the organization.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the features and how HR software has played a pivotal during pandemic:

Streamlined workflow

Human resource management is responsible to manage the workflow of an organization. HRM manages the employee life cycle starting from onboarding to resignation of the employee. HRM manages the number of employees working on a daily basis for the organization. Web based Human resource software assists the HRs to keep a track of the number of employees working on a particular day, Number of projects assigned to each employee and the progress of the team related to that particular project. Web based application allows the HRs to manage the workflow from any remote location from anywhere around the globe.

Enhanced employee experience

Web based applications such as HR software have increased concerns to improve the employee experience. Web based applications allow the employee to access the HR software using the credentials provided by the IT team. An employee can use these features to update leaves, apply for vacations, keep a track of salary slip and be assured that he/she has received the salary without any errors. Web based application empowers employees to keep a tab on his/her own performance and improve productivity to claim the benefits provided by the organization.

Administrative management

Admin team faces challenges while dealing with reports to scale employees and reward them in accordance to their performance and make unbiased decisions regarding increment and promotions. The transparency provided by these web based applications sews the bridge of trust between the employees and the employer. It ensures the employee of an unbiased decision made by the administration on increments and promotions. An annual audit reviews the employees performance throughout the year. Web based applications such as HR software provides a dashboard which shows the employee performance in a matrix easing the workload of the HR. It notifies the employee of his/her performance and motivates the employee to to invest more time and effort increasing the productivity of the employee.

Insights and analytics

It is a demanding job to keep track of the employee while functioning from remote locations. HR software empowers the employee to update his/her attendance and notify the supervisor about the progress of the tasks assigned to the employee. The data generated by the HR software is accessed by the data analytics team. The data analytics team analyses the data preparing a report on the employees performance and the overall performance of the organization. These reports assists the admin and the human resource team to acknowledge the facts helping succession of the organization and the loopholes which are affecting the progress of the organization as well. Audit done for the employees performance assists the HR team to identify the challenges faced by the employees and take corrective measures to enhance the productivity of the employee.

As the conventional approach of data mining is toilsome HR software has smoothen the approach by centrally storing the data in a structured way.

Management of the workforce during a pandemic has challenged the roots of the functioning organization. Technological advancements such as HR software served as a pillar supporting remote functioning to keep the organization alive.