Welcome to the digital world where everything is now converted online right from shopping to eating. And this isn’t just a fairy tale, in this article, you find the proof of it. Since the evolution of online food ordering system, customers want their food to be delivered to their doorstep when it’s too hot or cold outside or when there’s heavy or showering rain.

Because of the customer’s extensive busy schedule at their professional work, sometimes, they don’t get enough time to go home or favorite restaurant to have lunch or dinner. Thus, various food ordering websites such as Zomato help them in bringing all their favorite food right at the customer’s desk or table. If you start unfolding the reasons to order food online, the list will be endless; but at the end of the day what matters is we getting our food right at our doorstep or offices.

You will be wondering how you can increase the customer’s loyalty to your restaurant business? Don’t you worry, here is the list which will help you in gaining loyalty from your customers:

  • Daily updates to the customers
  • Comfort their needs
  • Best Quality of food
  • Convenient
  • Professional ethics
  • Economical

According to Mr. Hudson Riehle SVP of Research and Innovation Services for the National Restaurant Association “speaking with consumer’s perspective, there is nothing great than their favorite restaurant comes to their doorstep. Food delivery has been essentially responsible for industry growth for a decade, and it will be growing in 2018 and beyond.”

Nigel Travis, CEO of Dunkin Donuts also believe that food delivery will be “the holy grail (of the restaurant business) in the next few years.”

Let us not discuss much about the benefits of ordering food online and jump to the stats which shows the impact on Restaurant business.

How Are Online Food Ordering Systems Reshaping The US Restaurant Industry?

From 2014 to 2016, the online ordering is developing 300% faster than the drive-in. And shockingly within less than five years, the data of online food orders got doubled:

  • In 2011, 637 millions of all delivery visits which is around 22% growth
  • In 2016, 2 billions of delivery visits which were about 48% growth
  • In 2018, the numbers went to 68%. And it is also estimated that the market of Online food ordering system will grow up to 20%

46% of people made the order of any meal because they were getting coupons or other discounts on that deal.

How many times do people order food for delivery?

  1. The 26% orders go out for delivery at least once a week.
  2. 51% people use the delivery services in order to purchase a meal from their usual restaurant.
  3. 86% of people are using Online food ordering system at least once a month.

20% of the customers responded that they loved meal when they ordered it from various food ordering software.

93% of Gen Z and 87% of Millennials are very satisfied with the food delivered service.

How much are people ready to pay for food delivered?

    • 27% of the users are ready to spend more so that they can get faster delivery
    • 44% are expected to order food at their home if their favorite restaurant is offering them speedier delivery.

76% of the people will possibly think of ordering food online if they have enjoyed the previous delivery.

Customers who order food online are more likely to reorder within 60 days than walk-in customers.

Here’s a graph which shows the valuation of new-delivery companies is rising rapidly:

Online Food Ordering System
The stats below show the food-delivery market has the potential for robust growth:

Online Food Ordering System
In 2016, the US food delivery industry was evaluated at around 83 Billion

Top Reasons for not ordering food online




It’s expensive


Prefer to order take-out food


Delivery service not available

Delivery time is too long


Not convenient


Choices of cuisines are limited

Pood food condition


Low food quality


Poor service

By 2020, restaurant and food chains who do not provide food delivery service will lose 70% of the customers.

These were some of the shocking facts about the Online Food Ordering system which you should’ve known before using them. If you are a startup and holding a desire to develop an online food ordering system for your business, there are various website development companies who are waiting to make all your wishes to reality. To cope up with the increasing demand for developing such systems, they have experienced developers who have in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and fabricate pioneer and responsive food ordering website for their client.

How can you start your online food ordering system without wasting much of your time?

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