A successful startup is the combination of a great idea and perfect implementation

Airbnb is a renowned online peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace where owners can list their properties and charge rent from the guests. It has revolutionized world travel, providing top-notch accommodation options for people across the globe in the most convenient way possible. The platform enables hosts wanting to rent their properties to earn revenues from it. For the guests, Airbnb helps them to stay at the home of local hosts by saving their money and gives them a chance to interact with the localities.

The popularity of Airbnb has made the startups adopt the same business model. Below graph shows the increasing number of Airbnb users in the US.

Airbnb Image

The success of Airbnb gave rise to the concept of Airbnb for X, similar to Uber for X, where the businesses across different niches provide the same kind of services which Airbnb provides.

We have listed some of the thriving Airbnb for X businesses in different verticals.

Airbnb for Food

BonAppetour has been in operation since October 2014, on which hosts post food menus for guests to search and book as per their likings and tastes. It is an incredible platform where travelers looking for a home-cooked meal can find local hosts offering such experience.

BonAppetour emphasizes on building communities and encouraging social interaction, allowing the travelers to taste mouth-lickering local food along with sharing their food preferences. This platform earns money from the commission model, where it takes a processing fee from the host and service fee from the guests.

Airbnb for Retail Spaces

Storefront is a platform for retail spaces to connect with merchants looking to find and rent short-term space. It eases and quickens the complex search process for retailers looking to get in touch with customers and space owners to fill their space. Storefront enables the brand to connect with more than 10,000 listings, offering 30 million square feet of retail space in cities including New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong. The platform takes a commission out of every booking from the retailers.

Airbnb for Parking

JustPark is a platform through which individuals, businesses, schools, hospitals, and commercial car park operators offer parking spaces to the ones looking for the parking spot. These parking owners can advertise themselves, allowing drivers to book empty spaces at the location of their choice through the company’s website or mobile app. JustPark enables drivers to access 150,000 parking spaces all over the UK easily. It charges processing fees on every transaction from the parking owners.

Airbnb for Boating

BoatBound is a marketplace that allows boat owners who aren’t using their boats to rent them to sailors or captains in need of boats. The users of boats can browse a wide range of rental boats and select as per their choice and location. The company charges a 10 percent service fee on each rental and takes a 35 percent commission from the owners. It also asks for a refundable amount of $500 as a security deposit held for covering any incidental damage or lost items.

Airbnb for Camping

Hipcamp is an online platform for finding and booking unique places for camping throughout the US, promoting the concept of “land sharing.” It allows private landowners to list campsites, enabling campers to browse by location, pricing, and availability and book them. These campsites can be anyplace from farms and established campgrounds to vineyards and nature preserves. Hipcamp lists 10,000 private campsites nationwide and is creating more of them for the growing number of campers.

Airbnb for Clothes

Rent The Runway is a marketplace for clothes where women have to pay a monthly subscription fee to get access to a wide variety of designer outfits and accessories. The company provides experiential marketing for designers and brands, where they come in contact with the consumers through the company’s website and get information about the styles, colors, and fabrics that are preferred.

How can Startups Implement Airbnb for X business Ideas?

Airbnb earlier used to be called as the eBay for vacation rental script, and now other companies are the Airbnb of things. Startups can utilize the above-mentioned ideas to adopt a business model similar to Airbnb. For those wanting to replicate the success of Airbnb, can get a customized Airbnb clone script to adopt a rental business model and get known as the Airbnb for X. The script will help you to build a website just like Airbnb, enabling people to rent boats, cars, parking, food, etc. and search the right tours for their needs. It will allow you to create a unique website, tweak colors, add your own logo and customize other aspects of the pages through an easy-to-use panel.

Whether you are looking to start a car rental business or clothes one, Airbnb clone script can offer all the tools required to help you stay on the top and get more traffic to your website!