In the past few years, the online taxi booking industry has grown by leaps and bounds. One such example is of Uber, which has taken the industry by storm. It has disrupted the mobile app market by becoming a leader. In November 2017, Uber accounted for 69.6 percent of US rideshare spending. The success of Uber is making many entrepreneurs operate in the on-demand economy model. Do you too want to make your taxi startup successful and become the next Uber? Then read further to know what features you need to have in your taxi booking application to manage your business effectively.

Passenger’s login
  • Registration:
    Passengers who want to avail your ride-sharing app features should be able to register and login via their email ids, phone numbers, or social media profiles. The signup process should be simple and user-friendly to retain users. It should ask only the required details from the users.
  • Taxi booking:
    After the users log in, they should be able to easily book a taxi. There should be fields like pickup date and time, location, driver selection, etc. They should be even allowed to make an advance booking, in which they can select future date and time. This feature can be helpful during rush hours when cabs aren’t available. After the passengers book the cab, they should get a notification for confirmation.
  • Geo-location and tracking:
    Riders should be allowed to book a cab as per their location and track the cab coming. They can know the present availability of drivers nearby their pick-up location. This technology of GPS tracking not only helps in identifying the current location but also the way until the destination isn’t reached.
  • Fare calculator:
    A fare calculator should be there through which calculation of fare of the ride can be done based on the distance covered from the pick-up point to destination.
  • Payment gateway:
    Your taxi booking app should integrate secure payment gateways to ensure passengers don’t face any payment issues. You should even allow them to pay by cash if they want to and include wallet facilities. They should be able to save the credentials of the card for faster transactions. Your payment system should be optimized for users to have an uninterrupted experience and generate quick bookings.
  • Push notifications:
    It is essential to have push notifications for customers, which you can send them when you are offering them extra rebates and discounts or want to send them welcome notes or say thanks. Notifications are also important to inform passengers about driver’s name and contact number, the expected time of arrival (ETA) of the cab, its current status, cab’s number, model, ride estimation, cancellation of a ride, etc.
  • Ride history:
    In case passengers wish to get information about their previous rides, ride history can give complete details and even allow re-booking of any trip by just a single tap. Riders can even get information about the canceled rides and check previous fare, pick-up locations, and the destinations.
  • Driver rating:
    Your taxi booking app should allow riders to rate the drivers and give their reviews. This will also increase the credibility of your app and services. You can include ratings for the driver’s behavior, the quality of ride, customers’ overall experience, etc. Passengers will be able to choose the right driver based on other riders’ feedback and ratings.
  • Social integration:
    Social integration feature will not only allow riders to log in through their social profiles but also let them share their experiences on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. This will assist you in creating brand awareness of your app and make customers avail your services.
Driver’s login

For the drivers there is a different login, with some options same as passenger’s login including registration, login, push notifications, ride history, etc. Some additional features include:

  • Driver’s profile:
    When drivers login, they should be able to fill their details and update their profile. They need to give their license for verification purpose and authenticate their profile information.
  • Navigation:
    GPS tracking technology makes it easy for drivers to locate the passenger’s location. By having this feature in your app, you can help drivers reach the desired destination in minimum time by taking the best route.
  • Ride alert:
    Drivers should be able to get notifications when riders book a cab with them. They can set their status of availability for riders to know whether they are available or not. A feature allowing drivers to accept or cancel the cab request is essential too.
  • Dashboard:
    When drivers login in your taxi booking app there should be a dashboard that gives a view of reports about their trips and earnings. They should be able to get statistics about their performance too. You should provide them the facility to view the ratings and feedback given by the customers.
Admin login
  • Admin login should enable you to view and manage all registered drivers and passengers.
  • With the admin login, you should be able to manage and track the rides booked using the app.
  • Having an interactive dashboard is essential for being aware of the pending, completed, and canceled rides.
  • You should be able to manage finance and logistics easily through the app.
  • You should be able to get information about drivers, trips done, total commission earned, etc.
  • The taxi booking app should help you to manage peak hour charges, ride cancellation fees, taxis, redeem requests, locations, etc.
  • The app should allow you to track the statistics of all the trips done during a particular period.
Advanced features

Advanced features you can have in your taxi booking app include marking favorite driver, making calls to a driver through the app, choosing favorite vehicle, voice recognition, adding names to the waitlist during peak hours, using discount coupons, inviting friends using a referral code, having FAQ section, incorporating security features, etc.

Wrapping up

By incorporating the features mentioned above in your taxi booking application, you can successfully start a taxi booking business similar to Uber or Lyft.

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