Hey guys we all know Airbnb! It’s a very popular site among the travellers and the Vacation rental companies. Apart from providing their guests with beautiful accommodations, Airbnb has taken a new step to make their guests experience more magical and adventurous.

What is Airbnb cooking for travellers?

Airbnb has launched Trips to make your trip’s experience adventurous and breathtaking in the real sense. They have divided the service into three categories Experiences, places and Travel easy(yet to launch). It’s been three months that they have launched Trips and it’s really good to see that they have gotten a very good response, travellers are happy to see more than just the sights.

Airbnb – An ideal business model

Well, we think it’s a very good step for growth and if you are also inspired by Airbnb’s idea of business and are one of them who are yet to get started and having your own vacation rental company in just dreams well, then here is the tip! You can start with getting your own vacation rental website that has your own defined features or you can just get an Airbnb Clone for your business and add your required features and unique services that make you stand out before all the other vacation rental websites. That’s another thing now let’s see in detail what Airbnb has proposed for their valuable clients.

Revamping Travelers Experience

For many traveller’s experiences offer a chance to learn a new skill that could be painting, cooking or some sports activity. They have also been able to explore some hidden beaches or woods that give them equally adventurous and amazing experience through places. They are having altogether different views and experiences about the place that they used to think were very familiar.
They are helping you explore the cities in a new way by uniting you with the city’s local hosts. They take you for some activities that are designed and led by the local experts. They give you the experience of their local specialty or teach you about the same; that can be their localized special recipe or it could be diving or anything that is very popular about their city. They give you deep insights about their culture, places or history that you wouldn’t have come across.

Get Ready to feel this experience

You could see the upcoming popular places that are already local attractions, you could go to the best restaurant where a famous recipe is designed by up and coming chef or a park it could be anything. They are also providing you with guidebooks and audio walks. You could experience this all things apart from just doing the sight-seeing, you can understand and know about the real culture and place that you are visiting.