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We at MintTM, believe in delivering quality work to our clients. Our experienced and talented team of developers are always ready to serve the superior result to clients. Here are some of the projects by our team.

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  • Pataz- Online shopping platform

    Pataz- Online shopping platform

    Avail of the best service of placing the order and get the product delivered to your doorstep. The advancement in technology makes it possible to do everything online. Search the product, select it, confirm it, and get to your home.

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  • Spactre- Better learning experience

    Spactre- Better learning experience

    Learning is something that should never stop. Keep learning new concepts and enhance your skills. In this rapidly growing world, it’s essential to stay with the trend to survive in the real world.

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  • NquiryHub- A better way of shopping

    NquiryHub- A better way of shopping

    This online shopping platform lets you shop everything and get it delivered to your home. With the help of the advanced search, filter, sort, and other plenty of features you can do it easily.

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  • Kool Kats Recording Studio

    Kool Kats Recording Studio

    Let your music mix up using the best equipment, the latest technology to take it to the next level. It will surely capture more listeners. Songs without proper mixing won’t make a huge impact. The song quality definitely lets you get more listeners.

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  • Openzik- Download and listen to tracks

    Openzik- Download and listen to tracks

    An online music sharing platform lets you promote and share audio. Users can access it remotely from anyplace and enjoy it.

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  • Social selfies- Get the new photobooth

    Social selfies- Get the new photobooth

    With the latest and interactive screens, this mirror will be the center of attraction. Events are incomplete without taking photographs and posted on social media. Our large mirror lets you capture appealing photos and get in quality prints.

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  • Medoxie- Global healthcare network

    Medoxie- Global healthcare network

    This service brings a lot of benefits for the patients and doctor. Patients can find the right specialist, connect online directly, can get more opinions, and much more. Even doctors can get more patients, promote their skillset, update their portfolio, and a lot more.

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  • Alpine venture

    Alpine venture

    Largest asset manager focused in Asia. We assure to deliver a satisfying return from real assets.

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  • Chef24 - Let’s order food online

    Chef24 - Let’s order food online

    The most interesting thing to do is order food online and get it at your doorstep. This platform lets you do it very effectively. Plenty of restaurants are available to order from this single source.

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  • Top Dawg Movers

    Top Dawg Movers

    The moving service for residential and commercial. The team will surely move everything with complete care and responsibility. Packing, unpacking, everything will be done by us along with safeguards against damages.

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  • SSG’s Solution- Renovate your home

    SSG’s Solution- Renovate your home

    They have an excellent team who keep presenting quality work to their clients. Hence, you will surely get your home renovated as your dream with an attractive design. They deliver in a time even in the budget that customers have. Everything will be renovated with precision and back the item to their palace properly for sure.

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  • PowerPT- Stay stronger

    PowerPT- Stay stronger

    Treat orthopedic conditions without any surgery. Shoulder pain, Knee pain, Back pain, a sports injury can be treated easily with precision. The team of therapists, personal trainers will help you out with this. They follow the proper approach to get you out of any pain.

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  • 3dtravelworld- Vacation rental online marketplace

    3dtravelworld- Vacation rental online marketplace

    The most important platform for people who love to travel a lot. It comes with great support to the customers and owners in the travel industry. Traveling for vacation, business, weekend, and anything, it has a solution for all.

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  • VKFoods- Catering solution

    VKFoods- Catering solution

    For any kind of function like weddings, events, conferences, and a lot more, our catering service gives you tasty food for sure. We as a company, consider every single thing in mind to give customers a satisfying food experience.

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  • Our Zakat- A platform to help the underprivileged

    Our Zakat- A platform to help the underprivileged

    It’s an excellent platform to help people suffering from poverty, hunger, homelessness, debt, injustice, and a lot more and make the world a better place to live. They are working on socially responsible development projects.

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  • View TV Abroad- When and where you want

    View TV Abroad- When and where you want

    It’s a wonderful service that lets you view TV across the globe. Specifically, for avid travelers, it has a great solution. View TV abroad in a Box comes with all the required hardware that you can easily set up anywhere you want.

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  • HumonTeq- New way of hiring

    HumonTeq- New way of hiring

    This platform brings with it a new hiring process. No matter if you just want a technician or a professional expert, HumonTeq ensures to fulfill your every need.

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  • MarketJewel- A marketing solution

    MarketJewel- A marketing solution

    This platform gives you a creative and extraordinary marketing strategy to expand the business and reach maximum customers. It has different packages to choose from as per your requirement.

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  • National delicacy

    National delicacy

    Healthy and natural fresh ingredients are an integral part of our food. This platform delivers important consumer products to you.

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  • PickGeeks- Get your work done online

    PickGeeks- Get your work done online

    Online industry has changed the way we used to work. This freelancing platform lets you hire freelancers for your digital work like mobile app development, web development, designer, and much more. Give your requirements clearly and find the most appropriate people.

  • Click2Done- Local service marketplace

    Click2Done- Local service marketplace

    An outstanding platform to find the worker for the local service like electricians, plumbers, teachers, and a lot more. Just give your requirement and a list of available workers will be shown to you and with the filter option, you can find the most appropriate as per your demand.

  • Pintask- Peer-to-peer marketplace

    Pintask- Peer-to-peer marketplace

    This service lets you outsource your daily tasks. Workers will add their available time slots and dates and if suits you then you can hire them for the same.

  • Staysbnb- Vacation rental business

    Staysbnb- Vacation rental business

    This vacation rental marketplace let you arrange your holidays from a single place. Just make sure with your location, dates, check out, and a lot of suggestions will be in front of you.

  • Tradervilla- B2B marketplace

    Tradervilla- B2B marketplace

    The rise of eCommerce has changed the situation completely. It lets you connect with plenty of buyers and suppliers across the globe to expand the business. With advanced and most demanding features, it gives customers an outstanding experience.