Next-Gen Social Bookmarking Script Binding Startup Ideas

As the demand for social bookmarking website is stepping up rapidly, people are eagerly looking for user-friendly and best social bookmarking scripts in the industry.

To meet the rising demand of social bookmarking websites, we at MintTM have designed a powerful social bookmarking script loaded with all the essential high-end features required to develop your social bookmarking website similar to Reddit, Digg etc.

Moreover, if you want to be prominent in your niche social bookmarking industry, then it is possible to extend our script with any customization as per your requirement.

Multifarious Social Bookmarking Script To Serve Varied Business Models

Deliver delightful experience to your website users and give them feel of world-leading Social Bookmarking Websites with the best Social Bookmarking Script available on the entire internet.

Reddit Clone

Kick-start a remarkable Social Bookmarking Website with the Best Reddit Clone in the industry.

  • Easy submission of links, texts
  • Upvote or downvote a link, post
  • Comfy management of posts, users, category, etc.

StumbleUpon Clone

Rollout your Social Bookmarking Business with the Best StumbleUpon Clone in the industry.

  • Easy to share links, posts, set interests, share on social media, etc.
  • Pages suggestions based on interest, search pages, like pages
  • Expeditious management of users, lists, pages, interests, etc.

Digg Clone

Get down to your Social Bookmarking Website with the Best Digg Clone in the industry.

  • Submit & promote links and text posts
  • Upvote and downvote posts
  • Easy to manage promotion fees, karma ratio, posts, etc.

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